14-year-old girl spend 200$ to buy an old caravan, but wait till you see what she made of it

Ellie Yeater, a 14-year-old from Williamstown, West Virginia, spent her summer break on a unique endeavor, shunning typical teenage pastimes. Instead of hanging out with friends or indulging in video games, Ellie dedicated her time to transforming a 1974 Wilderness camper into a glamorous retreat, commonly known as a “glamper”.

The term “glamper” is a fusion of “camping” and “glamorous”, reflecting Ellie’s vision of making camping a more enjoyable and convenient experience. The ambitious high school student showcased her remarkable renovation skills in giving the Wilderness camper a stunning makeover.

Ellie’s mother, Lori, revealed that Ellie had diligently saved up approximately $500 from various sources, including housekeeping, birthday money, and other activities.

With her savings, she purchased the camper, which she spotted listed for $200 on a neighborhood bulletin board.

The initial condition of the camper was far from ideal, having been previously used for both camping and hunting, resulting in significant wear and tear. Undeterred, Ellie embarked on a labor-intensive project to completely disassemble and clean the camper before commencing the transformation.

Her inspiration for the glamper project came from her older brother, Isaiah, who had built a tiny cabin for socializing with friends. Ellie sought a similar space, albeit “cuter” and equipped with electricity and Wi-Fi, closer to her home.

The renovation journey involved several stages, starting with the disassembly and cleaning. Ellie chose a vibrant aqua blue color scheme and meticulously painted the interior, giving it a more lively appearance. Guided by her grandfather, Lawrence, she learned basic carpentry tasks such as bracing and hole filling.

As the interior took shape, Ellie added finishing touches with the help of her grandmother, Mary, who contributed to making upholstery for seat cushions and curtains. Ellie also laid new floor tiles to enhance the glamper’s aesthetic.

Throughout the process, Ellie gathered various items, including decorations purchased from a recently closed warehouse, and drew inspiration from Pinterest for project ideas. The final glamper was adorned with vintage items, including a camera, an electric fan, and matching napkins crafted by her grandmother.

Asked about her plans for the completed project, Ellie mentioned the possibility of hosting sleepovers with friends or enjoying quiet moments reading and playing the ukulele.

Ellie’s mother emphasized the unwavering support she provided, stating: “I have never told her that she couldn’t do anything”.

Ellie’s remarkable determination and hard work showcased in this ambitious undertaking serve as a testament to the belief that any goal, no matter the age, can be achieved through dedicated effort.

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