6 things dogs can predict long before they happen

There are many reasons why we call these creatures our best friends.

People love animals, no doubt, but dogs are special.

They can predict many situations, therefore they often help a person.

See what it’s all about below.

1. Earthquakes

It has been known since ancient times that dogs can sense an earthquake. It used to happen that the dog ran away a few moments before the earthquake. In some cases, they just start behaving strangely and run away to some safer places like hills.

2. Epileptic seizures

Dogs are able to warn a person before an epileptic seizure occurs. Sometimes it happens that they approach their owners and offer them help.

3. Pregnancy and childbirth

Animals have much more developed senses than humans. When a woman’s body changes, so do her hormones, and therefore her scent. Although many times we don’t even notice it, dogs do.

This is the reason why they know that a woman is pregnant and treat her differently. They want to protect her and not let anything happen to her. Before giving birth, dogs often know that it will happen, so they try in every way to inform the woman about it.

4. Diseases

Our best friends can also detect some other diseases in humans. Some are even thought to be able to detect cancer.

5. Moods

This is why we value dogs so much. They always notice when we’re sad. Then they are always with us, they want to support us.

6. Dogs know when you’ll be back

They know our routine better than we can imagine. They are very attentive and follow our every step. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell that allows them to “sense” us long before we arrive.

It is clear that today dogs are part of the family and deserve all our attention and love.