76-year-old Susan Sarandon criticized for her clothing, has the ideal response for haters

Susan Sarandon, an enduring icon in the realm of acting, has carved her niche not only on screen but also in real life, fearlessly embracing her individuality.

Renowned for her unapologetic demeanor, she recently faced criticism for her clothing choices, prompting her to respond in a way only she could.

With a storied career in Hollywood, Sarandon’s breakthrough came with her role as Janet Weiss in the 1975 cult classic musical,

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Subsequent performances, notably in Thelma & Louise, garnered critical acclaim, earning her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Sarandon, a vocal advocate for body positivity, uses her unique sense of style to convey her personality. At a red carpet event, she raised eyebrows by pairing a white jacket with a black bra.

A journalist deemed it “totally inappropriate”, but Sarandon, true to her nature, opted for a visual response.

Sharing a vintage photo showcasing her confidence in wearing only panties, she effectively silenced critics, using imagery to challenge societal norms of appropriateness.

The actress, unfazed by the passage of time, prioritizes what truly matters to her. In an interview, she reflected on the preciousness of time, noting that with a finite understanding, one tends to focus on vital, curious, brave, and adventurous individuals.

When asked about maintaining her youthful appearance, Sarandon advised laughter, regular exercise, a balanced diet, and sun avoidance.

Acknowledging the importance of a skilled makeup and hair crew, she demystifies the secret to aging gracefully.

Susan Sarandon’s approach to life is undoubtedly distinctive. Unconcerned with external critiques, she forges her path. How she responded to critics showcases her resilience and self-assuredness.

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