93-year-old woman spends her time crafting dog beds for local animal shelters

In the heart of San Antonio, a remarkable 93-year-old woman has found her calling in her golden years, channeling her time and energy into a heartwarming mission, crafting snug and inviting dog beds for the furry residents of local animal shelters.

Joan Potters, a true epitome of dedication and compassion, devotes her days to the meticulous art of sewing high-quality dog beds. Her materials are sourced from the leftover fabric scraps generously provided by the Greater San Antonio Quilting Guild. With unwavering commitment, she transforms these remnants into cozy havens for the four-legged companions in need.

“I just am happy to do it for them and to know that some dog is going to be comfortable”, Potters shared with KSAT, her eyes reflecting the genuine joy that this mission brings her. Her sense of fulfillment comes from the knowledge that her handcrafted creations offer respite to dogs that might otherwise have to endure the discomfort of cold, hard floors or, worse yet, the harshness of winter.

Potters doesn’t stop at just sewing the beds; she’s also resourceful in the way she fills them. She meticulously cuts up rags, transforming them into snug cushions for her canine beneficiaries. While the majority of the work falls on her capable hands, Potters occasionally receives a helping hand from local church volunteers who assist with the sewing and deliveries.

Remarkably, Joan Potters manages to create an impressive 30 to 40 dog beds every month. Her unwavering commitment and relentless dedication are evident as she humbly states: “I get tired, but I’ll just keep doing it until I can’t do it anymore”. Her sentiments are a testament to the deep empathy and understanding she holds for the animals she seeks to comfort.

She believes that dogs, like humans, have their own forms of silent communication, and she attunes herself to their unspoken needs. “You know their bones ache, too. You know they have feelings. They can’t talk to us in our language, but look at their eyes and the expression on their face. They all have expressions, and I just love them”, Potters expressed with the kind of affection that has made her a hero in the hearts of both the shelter dogs and those who hear her heartwarming story.

Source: Sunny Skyz