A crying out of a dog mama for help to humans shows a strong trust towards everyone who stops by to help her with her puppy

Animal Aid Unlimited immediately went to help the dog and her injured puppy after receiving the call.

The sight was heartbreaking when they reached the dogs.

Mom stood side by side with her injured puppy.

She was very sad and unhappy because she couldn’t help her little puppy. However, when she saw the team that came to help, she immediately felt better.

Soon the dad of the little puppy appeared, who probably came to see if his family was okay.

This scene was really very touching.

The team was very careful with the injured dog and they slowly and safely put him in the vehicle to take him to the hospital.

Upon examination, it was noted that the dog had two deep puncture wounds, but was really brave the whole time.

The unfortunate puppy still couldn’t walk, but he tried his best.

After some time, the puppy fully recovered and returned to his family. A wonderful reunion indeed.