A family finds an unexpected animal napping on their porch

In a delightful twist of fate, a Wellington family had an unexpected visitor recently when they stumbled upon a seal pup peacefully napping on their porch. The Department of Conservation in New Zealand took to Facebook to share the heartwarming tale of this furry surprise.

According to reports, the adventurous seal pup embarked on quite the journey before settling down for a nap on the unsuspecting family’s porch. It traversed seawall stairs, crossed roads, hiked footpaths, and climbed driveways and stairs before finding its cozy spot for a snooze.

“It’s not every day you come home to find a seal curled up on your front porch”, remarked one member of the astonished family.

The creature in question is a kekeno, also known as a fur seal, native to the coastal waters of New Zealand. Despite their name, these seals are more closely related to sea lions.

This sighting coincides with the time of year known to New Zealanders as “seal silly season”, occurring from May to September, when adult male seals and their pups venture away from their colonies. It’s during this period that sightings of seals in unexpected places become more frequent, as they explore far and wide.

While encountering seals in urban areas may seem unusual, the Department of Conservation reassures the public that it’s a natural occurrence. They emphasize that seals, though they may appear thin or unwell, are remarkably resilient creatures and usually require no intervention. “Rest, not rescue, is what seals need”, the department stated on Facebook.

However, they do advise contacting authorities if a seal is injured or in danger. In the case of the porch-dwelling seal, a concerned citizen alerted the department, and a wildlife officer promptly relocated the sleepy visitor to a safer location away from potential hazards.

The story of the porch seal serves as a charming reminder of the unexpected encounters that await in the natural world. Imagine the delight of discovering such a cute visitor right outside your front door!

For all fellow animal enthusiasts out there, let’s share this heartwarming tale of a seal’s impromptu porch nap!