A Siamese twin is marrying a soldier and sharing the wedding dress with her sister, who is watching

Abigail and Brittany Hensel, celebrated for their TV show “Abigail & Brittany”, emerged into the public eye in the late 90s, and recently, there’s been exciting news about Abigail, aged 34, taking her vows.

The renowned conjoined twins, Abigail Hensel, embarked on the journey of matrimony with a US Army veteran in a discreet ceremony held in 2021.

Their rise to fame commenced at the tender age of six when they graced an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show back in 1996. These remarkable women, aged 34, are conjoined at the torso, with each overseeing one side of their shared body.

Below the waist, they share all vital organs, including the intestines, bladder, and reproductive system. Nevertheless, against the odds, they conquered challenges, mastered driving, graduated high school, and now, evidently, have embraced married life.

As per public records unearthed by TODAY, Abigail exchanged vows with nurse and military veteran, Josh Bowling, in the year 2021.

Their connection with Josh, a father himself, remained largely undisclosed to the public as the twins opted for a more secluded lifestyle post the successful TLC show that documented their teenage years.

Nonetheless, glimpses from the sisters’ wedding surfaced on social media, as reported by TODAY. The newlyweds reside in Minnesota, their hometown, and are employed as fifth-grade educators.

On Josh’s social media profiles, one can catch glimpses of the family relishing nature walks, indulging in ice cream, and enjoying sledding activities.

His bio on the X platform, previously recognized as Twitter, reads: “Christian, father, husband, veteran, and occasional gamer”.

In the wedding snapshots, Abigail and Brittany radiate in their white wedding attire beside Josh, clasping his hand while he sports a stylish gray suit.

The subject of motherhood has already been broached by the twins. “It’s something that could potentially happen because those organs are functional”, remarked their mother, Patty.

“Yes, we envision ourselves as mothers”, Brittany chimed in. “We haven’t exactly mapped out the logistics of motherhood yet. But at 16, we’re in no rush to dwell on it.”

Queries about their romantic lives have cropped up in the past.

Brittany mentioned in 2012: “The entire world need not be privy to our relationships, activities, and schedules”.

“But trust me, we’re distinct individuals.” Abigail supplemented: “Indeed, motherhood is in our future plans, but the specifics of how that will unfold remain private for now”.

As documented by Time magazine, the girls were born with five limbs, an extra arm positioned between their heads, which was surgically removed during childhood.

Despite discussions about their potential, parents Patty and Mike dismissed the idea of separating the girls, apprehensive of the risks that such a procedure might pose, including the possibility of fatality or severe disabilities.