A Very Poor Elderly Woman Called a Radio Station Seeking Help

In the midst of hardship, a humble elderly woman reached out to a radio station, seeking solace and aid from a higher power. Little did she know, her plea would become a lesson in faith and generosity.

Among the listeners was a skeptic, amused by the woman’s plea. Yet, rather than dismissing her with disdain, he decided to turn her moment of vulnerability into a jest. Obtaining her address from the station, he orchestrated a practical joke, sending a bounty of provisions to her doorstep.

With a mischievous grin, he instructed his secretary to deliver the goods but to attribute them to a most unlikely source: “Tell her it’s a gift from the devil”, he jested.

Arriving at the woman’s humble abode, the secretary was met with a sight that softened her heart. There, amidst the simplicity of her surroundings, stood a woman of profound gratitude. Without hesitation, she welcomed the unexpected bounty, grateful for the relief it promised.

Intrigued by her lack of curiosity about the sender, the secretary couldn’t help but inquire: “Aren’t you curious to know who sent these gifts?”

With a serene smile, the woman’s response resonated with unwavering faith: “No need. When God speaks, even the devil obeys”.