A young farmer pretends to be sad in front of his animals: They run to console him

It is known that dogs are very sensitive animals, often cats too. However, apart from them, other domestic animals are also very sensitive.

A horse can very easily sense how a person is feeling, and it seems that cattle are no different.

A video featuring a veterinary student and cattle breeder in Brazil, Christian Bucholz, has touched many people online.

This man decided to do an experiment to record the reaction of these animals.

His goal was to pretend to be sad to see what his animal friends would do.

When he did that, the dogs came to him first to comfort him, and then after a while they went to where the cattle were left.

Later, the rest of the cattle slowly approach Christian as if they want to tell him that they are with him.

Watch the amazing video:

A really beautiful video that proves that other domestic animals, not just pets, have great compassion and are full of love.

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