A Young Man Shopping in a Supermarket Noticed a Little Old Lady Trailing Behind Him. If He Paused, She Paused

While browsing the aisles of a supermarket, a young man noticed a little old lady following closely behind him. Whenever he paused, she paused, her gaze fixed on him intently.

Finally reaching the checkout, the lady approached him and confessed: “I hope I haven’t made you uncomfortable, but you bear a striking resemblance to my late son”.

The young man reassured her: “Not at all. I understand”. Sensing her request, he added: “If saying ‘Goodbye, Mum’ as you leave would bring you joy, I’d be happy to do so”.

As she completed her purchase and headed towards the exit, he called out: “Goodbye, mum”. The elderly woman bid him farewell with a warm smile and a wave.

Satisfied with brightening her day, he proceeded to pay for his own items. However, his contentment quickly turned to confusion when the cashier announced: “That will be £121.85”.

Perplexed, he questioned the high total for only three items. The clerk explained: “Your Mother mentioned you’d be covering her expenses as well”.