Abandoned by owner at supermarket gate, poor dog “wags” to each passerby to pray for adoption

It is very difficult to watch this unfortunate dog.

Someone named Binh An posted this unfortunate dog on the Internet. Every day he tries to find someone to take him home with him. It is clear why this news soon spread across the Internet.

This sad dog was tied up in front of the store and was waving at every passerby. He constantly hoped that someone would take him with them.

Someone addressed him and greeted him, but there were also those who just passed by.

There were also people who stayed in the company of this beautiful dog for a long time.

You could see sadness in the eyes of this dog.

People often petted him because it is difficult to pass him without stopping for a moment.

No one understood why the dog was left alone, but everyone treated him nicely.

It is clear to everyone how good animals dogs really are. They are our best friends.

Source: BillCyber