Abandoned Dog Left In A Doghouse Rejoices When He Finds His New Mom

Being a dog owner is a significant responsibility, demanding constant care and effort in exchange for the unwavering companionship of a loyal friend. It’s a role that’s not for everyone, as it necessitates patience and devotion.

Those who lack the commitment to care for their furry companions should think twice before adopting a dog.

In this heartfelt tale, we delve into the story of a dog who suffered a heartless abandonment by his former owners, cruelly left confined within a doghouse.

YouTube/The Dodo

When Street Dog Rescue, located in Oklahoma, first discovered Bo, he was in dire straits, grappling with numerous health issues left unattended by his previous caregivers.

Bo had been heartlessly forsaken within a doghouse, enduring solitude and neglect ever since. Faith, one of the compassionate rescuers, shared with The Dodo that Bo had even fallen victim to coyote attacks and had never received proper veterinary care. His body was covered in mange, a painful skin condition.

Providing Bo with some much-needed food, the rescuers quickly realized he had gone days without a meal. Through their interactions with him, Faith could sense that what Bo yearned for most was simple and genuine affection.

YouTube/The Dodo

However, when they tried to coax him out of the doghouse, Bo steadfastly resisted. He sought refuge within the structure, and despite their gentle efforts to entice him out, he wouldn’t budge. It took nearly 45 minutes of patience and persistence for the rescuers to coax Bo out from his shelter.

YouTube/The Dodo

Ultimately, Bo found his way to the rescue organization Pyr Paws and Fluffy Tails, beginning his journey towards recovery. He was transported to a veterinarian clinic in Oklahoma where he received the necessary care for his mange and nourishing food to help him regain his strength.

When Patricia, his new mom, first glimpsed a photo of Bo, she was taken aback by his pitiable appearance. She remarked: “He looked so terrible I didn’t even think he was a dog”.

Over time, Bo’s condition improved, and he underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming a much healthier and happier dog in just a few months.

Recognizing that Bo deserved a loving owner, the rescuers saw in Patricia a perfect match, given her prior experience with rescue dogs.

YouTube/The Dodo

Although Bo initially struggled to adjust to his new home, Patricia’s kindness and patience gradually won him over. Patricia reflected on this period, saying: “It took maybe six months for him to really realize that this was his home”.

With time, Bo’s unease faded, and he blossomed into a joyful and adventurous dog, embracing the love and safety of his newfound home.

In Patricia’s words: “I just love him, and I’m very happy I got him”.

Bo’s story exemplifies the incredible resilience and capacity for trust that dogs possess, even after enduring abandonment. Through Patricia’s unwavering kindness, Bo found the second chance at life he so rightly deserved.