According to reports, Prince William is “beside himself” as Kate Middleton considers making a tragic choice with far-reaching effects

In a riveting new revelation, RadarOnline has unveiled the possibility of Kate Middleton contemplating relinquishing her royal responsibilities altogether.

A source within the Palace allegedly confided to The National Enquirer that while the Princess of Wales hasn’t reached a final decision, the pressures of royal life seem to have taken a significant toll on her.

Kate has been consistently delaying her return to royal duties, possibly due to the aftermath of a planned abdominal procedure she underwent back in January, prompting her retreat from the public eye.

Speculation about Kate’s health has been rife, particularly given the prolonged recovery period post-surgery, with initial indications from the Palace suggesting her absence would extend until Easter.

The Royal Family’s characteristic reticence in divulging information has only fueled rampant conjecture, with efforts from the Palace to quell rumors falling short.

A scheduled official photo of Kate Middleton meant to commemorate Mother’s Day in the UK was withdrawn by several news outlets over the weekend amid allegations of manipulation, further exacerbating doubts.

Despite Kate’s subsequent admission of manipulating the contentious photo herself, lingering uncertainties persist regarding her activities and well-being over the past couple of months, undermining the Palace’s assurances of her well-being.

Reportedly, Kate is contemplating the possibility of stepping away from her royal duties entirely, a decision that purportedly has strained her relationship with Prince William, the future king, as reported by RadarOnline.

“A top palace insider revealed to the National Enquirer: ‘Kate’s ongoing struggle with the relentless pressures of life in the royal spotlight has undeniably taken a toll on her physical and mental health'”, cited the source.

The insider continued: “Her avoidance of public appearances following her surgeries has only reinforced her inclination to step back”.

Furthermore, the source suggested that William is deeply troubled by the prospect of Kate’s departure, expressing shock at her contemplation of such a drastic measure.

“He’s devastated by her decision”, the insider claimed. “He believed she was fully aware of the responsibilities when she married him”, indicating concerns about her emotional well-being.

The notion of Kate Middleton potentially renouncing her royal status prompts a profound question: Are we prepared to envision a royal departure? Share your thoughts below.