Add 3 ice cubes to the washing machine: You can’t imagine what happens to your laundry

While many individuals grapple with the perennial dilemma of finding the perfect outfit that seamlessly combines comfort and workplace appropriateness, the added stress of discovering wrinkles on said outfit with no time for ironing can be disheartening. Fear not, as a swift and effective laundry hack is here to alleviate at least one of these wardrobe challenges.

In the realm of TikTok, known for its eclectic mix of advice, some hidden gems can be unearthed, such as this remarkable laundry hack. Originally posted a couple of years ago by the TikTok channel @howdoesshe, the hack resurfaced and gained renewed attention on the internet. Demonstrated by @howdoesshe, the video divulges a simple yet effective method for banishing unwanted wrinkles and creases from clothing.

The caption accompanying the viral video reads: “The moisture from the ice will get all the wrinkles out. No more ironing or wrinkle spray”, offering a glimpse into the magic of this laundry hack. The process involves placing a few ice cubes along with the wrinkled garment in the dryer. Subsequently, running the dryer on high heat for a few minutes allows the ice cubes to melt, generating steam that magically erases the wrinkles.

The feedback from followers on this laundry hack has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the newfound ease of achieving wrinkle-free clothing. Comments like “I’ve tried this and it works sooooo good! Better than a wet rag! Really!” and “Yup… use this trick all the time!!” attest to the hack’s effectiveness.

Interestingly, the use of ice cubes in laundry hacks extends beyond wrinkle removal. Another practical application involves using ice cubes to combat food stains, whether fresh or set-in. Placing an ice cube on the stain for several seconds, followed by dabbing with a clean paper towel or napkin, can effectively eliminate the stain. Some sources even suggest that this ice-based method works for sticky messes like gum, where the ice helps harden the mess for easy removal.

Johnathan Chan/Reviewed

Ice cubes prove to be surprisingly versatile in household chores, assisting in tasks such as removing grease and grime from a garbage disposal, thereby freshening up the kitchen and eliminating lingering odors. With a growing preference for natural alternatives to harsh chemicals, it’s evident that the internet is a treasure trove of wisdom, offering solutions to everyday problems.

Amidst the plethora of information online, it’s essential to exercise discernment and experimentation, as varying circumstances may yield different results. While not every online tip may be valid, the abundance of DIY solutions, such as the laundry hack showcased by @howdoesshe, highlights the power of shared knowledge in making daily life a bit more manageable. So, whether it’s finding inventive laundry hacks or discovering new ways to simplify household chores, the internet has much to offer for those willing to explore and test the waters.