Adopted stray dog becomes the most adorable friar in monastery

A Franciscan monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia, found unexpected online fame when they introduced their latest member to the world. What began as a light-hearted and good-natured gesture by the friars turned into a global sensation, highlighting the importance of animal adoption.

Kasper Maruisz Kapron Ofm

The friars adopted Carmelo, a lovable dog rescued from Proyecto Narices Frias (Cold Nose Project), and dressed him in the traditional Franciscan garb, garnering widespread attention. They affectionately nicknamed him Friar Bigoton, which translates to “Moustache” in Spanish.

Kasper Maruisz Kapron Ofm

Carmelo had previously been a stray, as reported by The Dodo. Jorge Fernandez, one of the friars, described Carmelo’s life as one filled with joy, playfulness, and endless running. The monastery’s residents, human and canine alike, share a profound bond of love, and Carmelo is embraced as a cherished creature of God.

For those curious, Carmelo doesn’t wear the friar’s robes on a regular basis; it was a special and endearing one-time event. Nevertheless, it was a fitting choice, as the Franciscan order’s founder, St. Francis of Assisi, is renowned as the patron saint of animals.

Carmelo’s heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the love and compassion that transcends species and borders, exemplifying the spirit of kindness and care that can brighten the world.

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