African rain frogs, the world’s grumpiest frog

While it seems to most that they are always angry or maybe even sad, this is not the case. They simply have this specific look.

Delport Botma

They can be found in southern coast of Africa at some 3300 feet. It is not uncommon for them to be underground as they create tunnels that can be as deep as 6 inches deep.


Their size barely reaches 2 inches which makes them even more amazing creatures.


They practically never need to be near open water, because they often live underground and are located mostly at the end of forests.


This is what they look like when attacked, because they want to show aggression.

Also they often have this look as they go underground so that everyone who catches them will think they are too big to be pulled out of the hole.

When it comes time to mate, the female creates something sticky that helps the male not to fall off his back.

The real name for it is adhesive amplexus, we call it faithful today.

When the female lays her eggs, her male stays in place to protect them and sometimes releases some small chirps while storing the eggs.