Alec Baldwin and his wife have faced backlash over the name of their eighth child, with some fans considering it distasteful…

Hilaria Baldwin and her partner Alec Baldwin celebrated the arrival of their seventh child on a recent Sunday, basking in the joy of expanding their family.

However, what should have been a time of pure joy for the couple was marred by relentless scrutiny and criticism, largely stemming from their choice of name for the newborn.

The public’s ongoing fascination with Hilaria’s Spanish heritage has fueled numerous controversies in the past, with doubts repeatedly raised regarding the authenticity of her cultural background.

Despite her portrayal of herself as Spanish, complete with adopting certain cultural mannerisms and an accent, investigations have revealed that she actually hails from Boston, Massachusetts, rather than Spain itself.

The unveiling of this information sparked a wave of allegations concerning cultural appropriation and misrepresentation, exacerbated by incidents where she appeared unfamiliar with basic Spanish vocabulary, such as struggling to recall the word for cucumber.

Amidst this climate of doubt and scrutiny, the announcement of their newborn daughter’s name, Ilaria Catalina Irena, naturally prompted further examination and debate.

Hilaria opted to share the news of their newest family member on social media, specifically Instagram, expressing the couple’s immense joy at the arrival of their “tiny dream”.

However, the attention swiftly pivoted to discussions regarding the authenticity and cultural significance of the chosen name, with some questioning its connection to Hilaria’s personal background and heritage.

Amidst the whirlwind of excitement surrounding the new addition to their family, Hilaria took a moment to set the record straight regarding past inaccuracies about her background.

She clarified that her management team had made a mistake by stating she was born in Mallorca, Spain, expressing disappointment over the misinformation and attributing it to a misunderstanding or oversight.

The arrival of their seventh child marked a significant milestone for the Baldwin family, yet it also reignited the intricate and contentious discussions regarding Hilaria’s representation of her heritage and identity.

Despite their anticipation for a joyous celebration, the couple found themselves once again facing public scrutiny and criticism, underscoring the ongoing challenges of navigating fame and identity in the public sphere.