Amazing photos of baby “Simba” lion cub letting out its first roar

A very interesting scene of a young lion roaring for the first time.


Wildlife photography photographer Paul Mahagi, who is also a local guide, captured amazing moments in the bush of the Serengeti National Park.

He told SWNS that this little lion has only been in this world for a few days. Paul also points out that this is his first roar.


Whoever watched The Lion King will probably watch this little cub as Simba from the said movie.

When the photographer posted these amazing moments everyone wrote that he resembled Simbi from The Lion King.

Paul was hiding in the bushes when he recorded these too good moments. He says his goal is always to find those best scenes to photograph them.

In those crucial moments, Mahagi was about 300 feet away from the photographer, who, in addition to the lion’s roar, also captured some precious moments with his mother.


A really wonderful moment to capture on camera.