American biker gang destroys dog fight rings and rescues animals from violent owners

You should never judge by appearance. Someone may not have a good opinion of these motorcyclists, but they are truly wonderful people. Many animals got a second chance at life thanks to them.

They founded their organization Rescue Ink, which saves abused animals.

A lot of different people supported them and joined their mission. And how could they not when these are real superheroes.

One of the members told the NY Times that they only deal with abused animals, if it’s something else they notify the police. So says Mr. Missari.

These people went through a lot to make life better for some animals.

They just want everyone to understand that animal abuse is never the answer.

These people told People that their arrival at the abuser’s house is different from the arrival of the police. Abusers never know what this group of people is planning to do.

These people have big hearts.