Aussie woman, 80, cops three “nasty” bites freeing puppy from python

An octogenarian has been lauded as a hero after she bravely rescued her puppy from the clutches of a carpet python. Despite sustaining three bites during the encounter, both the elderly woman and her canine companion emerged relatively unscathed from the skirmish. The harrowing incident unfolded when the resident of Lennox Head, upon hearing her dog’s distressing cries on Tuesday evening, sprang into action to investigate the commotion on her property. To her horror, she discovered the python ensnaring her beloved pet in its coils, inflicting numerous bite wounds on the pup’s chin.

Demonstrating remarkable courage and quick thinking, the woman intervened to free her canine companion from the python’s grasp, albeit at the cost of enduring three bites from the serpent in the process. Undeterred by the reptile’s aggression, she pursued it as it slithered away to seek refuge in her neighbor’s yard. Tracking down the python, she relocated it to a nearby shrub, hoping to prevent any further encounters with her dogs. Her daughter, taking to social media to share the ordeal, hailed her mother as “bloody amazing”, accompanied by a snapshot of her inspecting a snake bite on her arm while holding the serpent by its tail.

The woman’s valor garnered widespread acclaim from online communities, with many lauding her as a resilient and compassionate individual. Despite the risks posed by the python’s bites, which prompted concerns about infection, the woman declined interviews, with her daughter indicating that she simply did what needed to be done. While handling wild snakes without a license is against wildlife protection regulations, experts acknowledged the woman’s love for her pet superseding such concerns. Snake specialists commended her decisive actions, acknowledging the fine line between caution and instinct when faced with such perilous situations.

Carpet pythons are known for their formidable bites, and while experts advise against intervening in such encounters, they acknowledge the instinctual drive to protect one’s loved ones. In the face of danger, this octogenarian demonstrated unwavering courage and resolve, earning admiration for her selfless act of bravery in safeguarding her furry companion.