Baby elephant can’t stop following her rescuer after being saved from death

This elephant got stuck at the moment of crossing the river and was completely helpless. Fortunately, Moyo was rescued by rangers at the worst possible moment, when a group of hyenas formed around her. Roxy Danckwerts is the owner of the “Wild Is Life” shelter where Moyo was brought after the rescue.

This cute elephant is now a year and two months old and is always following her new mom.

Roxy said Moyo recognizes her scent and voice and always finds her that way. It is not easy to live with Moyo while she is growing up, because her incidents around the house are very common.

Although Danckwerts has befriended Moyo and created that amazing bond between them, he wants to let her into his world again because it’s best for her.

When the hyenas around Moyo appeared, she was already alone by then because her pack had left her.

Thanks to rangers who responded in time, Moyo ended up in a shelter with her new mom Roxy.

Although she is much older, it is clearly not clear to her yet.

She also has a power she is not even aware of.

Moyo is also trying to eat cutlery.

She wants to see and touch everything, so he often makes a mess in the house.

When she wants to get to Danckwerts, nothing can stop her.

You can find more interesting content on the website of the “Wild is Life” sanctuary.

Enjoy the video!

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