Baby foxes invade a home’s backyard and choose it as their best playground

Shawn Davis lives in Illinois and one day unannounced guests appeared in front of his house.

He was very surprised when he looked in his yard.

Of course he didn’t care at first when he saw them.

However, he later realized that they had not come because of any bad intentions.

Shawp realized that these foxes liked to explore his yard.

After a while there were even more foxes in Shawp’s yard.

He and his family observed the socializing of the foxes from his home.

The foxes were playing all over the family yard.

As Shawp said, the foxes probably felt very safe in backyard.

Because of this, they spent a lot of time there playing and enjoying themselves.

Shawp took some interesting photos while watching the foxes.

The foxes seem to have adapted very well to this family yard.

They seem to be enjoying themselves.

When they got a little older, the foxes stopped coming.

Shawp and his family enjoyed watching the foxes socialize. It was a special experience for them.