Baby goose is so excited to see his favorite person he runs to him

This is Doug Carleton. He visited the same park every day for three years.

Whenever he visits the park he feels nature and enjoys hanging out with the geese that are there.

He told The Dodo that he simply knows about animals, he could even gain the trust of some weak cats.

Carleton says he wasn’t very familiar with geese, but he quickly figured out how to get them. Soon it was all right for him to be among them.

There are now eight of these animals in that park, and each of them was given the name given to it by Carleton.

He can recognize each of them and tell them their name, just the way we can for people.

They began to trust him and hang out with him.

After a while, Carleton spotted a lizard he hadn’t noticed before, called him Sam, and began getting to know each other.

It took very little time for Sam to start trusting Carleton. Now, whenever Sam sees this man, he just can’t wait to run into his arms.

Carleton says Sam is the calmest of the geese. He never hissed at anyone, which other geese know how to do when they feel someone’s pressure.

Sam mostly leads the other geese towards Carleton whenever he shows up at the park.

The friendship between this man and the geese whose trust he has gained is amazing.