Baby otter’s adorable response after getting in a pool for the first time earns over 1.6 million views

Otters are very good swimmers and everyone knows that.

These amazing creatures are found almost everywhere, except in Australia and Antarctica.

The thick fur is what makes these creatures stand out, although their whole body is special.

Many interesting things are connected to these beautiful creatures.

The reaction of the little baby otter when it entered the pool for the first time thrilled people all over the world. His name is Tororo.

Tororo lives in Japan with his family consisting of mom Otsuya, adult otter Odashi and their human mom.

How many people actually know about this family is proven by the fact that a lot of people follow them on social networks.


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On social networks, we can see the daily activities of this wonderful family.

When this little otter tried swimming in the pool for the first time, everyone was delighted with the reaction.

Even though the water was very shallow, the little otter wasn’t too sure about the idea of ​​getting into the pool.

Her mom was also in the pool, which gave him extra courage.

However, at one point Tororo looked annoyed because maybe he didn’t want to be cleaned. In the end they succeeded, the little otter was clean.

When he finished bathing, he decided to take a nap again. He’s really too cute.

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Source: Animal Channel