Baby otter’s first pool experience goes viral with over 1.6 million views

Otters, renowned for their exceptional swimming abilities, are a ubiquitous presence worldwide, excluding Australia and Antarctica. Their distinctive thick fur contributes to their uniqueness, encompassing their entire body.

These captivating creatures are linked to various intriguing aspects.

A case in point is the heartwarming tale of Tororo, a young otter residing in Japan with his family, including mother Otsuya, adult otter Odashi, and their human caretaker.

The family’s popularity is evident from their substantial social media following, where enthusiasts get glimpses into their daily lives.


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Objavu dijeli ルートル京都店 (@uuu_chaaan)

A particularly enchanting moment unfolded when Tororo, the little otter, experienced his first swim in the pool.

Despite the water being shallow, Tororo hesitated, displaying a mix of uncertainty and curiosity. The reassuring presence of his mother in the pool provided the extra boost of courage needed.

However, there was a fleeting moment of annoyance, perhaps stemming from Tororo’s reluctance to be cleaned.

Despite the initial hesitation, the family persevered, ensuring the little otter emerged from the experience squeaky clean. Post-bath, Tororo, overwhelmed by cuteness, opted for a nap.

For an adorable visual experience, check out the video capturing these precious moments:

Source: Animal Channel