Bachelorette party goes wrong, one detail in photo makes them pack their bags and leave immediately

The thrill of revisiting group photos with friends always brings unexpected surprises. While some revel in their picture-perfect moments, others might find themselves caught in fits of laughter or making funny faces. Achieving the ideal group photo often requires multiple attempts, and for a bachelorette party in the picturesque landscapes of Scotland, the quest for that perfect shot took an eerie turn.

In a quaint summer setting, ten young women, including the bride-to-be, embarked on a journey to a remote estate in Scotland for a hen party. Their chosen abode was the iconic Coylet Inn, nestled on the shores of Loch Eck in Argyll, surrounded by the enchanting beauty of Scottish woods and a sprawling lake.

Little did they know that their night of fun and celebration would be marked by an unexpected guest.

Eager for a memorable night out, the women decided to capture the moment with a series of group photos by the lake. As they reviewed the snapshots later, a disquieting revelation surfaced. In one particular photo, there were eleven figures instead of the expected ten. Nestled in the bottom left corner of the image was a mysterious little boy, peering at the girls.

Perplexingly, none of the women recalled seeing the boy during the photo session, and inquiries at the hotel confirmed that no such child was present. The unsettling discovery prompted the group to delve into the hotel’s dark history.

Legend had it that a four-year-old boy, residing in the hotel with his mother, tragically drowned after sleepwalking to the water one fateful night.

The chilling possibility that the spectral boy in their group photo was the same child who met a watery fate years ago compelled the women to make a swift decision. Uncomfortable and wary, they chose to abandon their stay at the hotel, unwilling to spend another night amidst the haunting echoes of the past.

The viral journey of the bachelorette party’s photos began in August 2018 when a series of images was shared on Reddit.

A user, Marcusps1, narrated the eerie tale, questioning the inexplicable appearance of a child in the middle of a remote estate in Scotland, far from the presence of other people.

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