Brad Pitt, 60, just presented his bride! This is Pitt’s first significant romance since his divorce from Jolie

Brad Pitt, once hailed as the epitome of Hollywood’s most sought-after bachelor, has long been in the spotlight for his romantic escapades. Among the whispers and rumors, his relationship with Ines de Ramon has emerged as a steady beacon of love and companionship. As Brad celebrated his 60th birthday, he chose to eschew the glitz and glamour, opting instead for a quiet week with De Ramon by his side, a testament to the depth of their bond.

Sources close to the actor revealed to PEOPLE last month that De Ramon represents Brad’s first serious relationship post his tumultuous split from Angelina Jolie. The couple has taken steps to publicly acknowledge their commitment, with Brad proudly introducing the 32-year-old as his girlfriend. Observers note the palpable happiness radiating from Brad when he is with Ines, a stark contrast to the turbulence of his past.

Brad Pitt’s journey back to emotional equilibrium has been anything but smooth. His highly publicized marriage to Angelina Jolie, affectionately dubbed “Brangelina” by the media, once epitomized Hollywood romance. However, cracks began to surface, leading to their much-publicized divorce in 2016. Amidst allegations and legal battles, snippets of their private lives have occasionally made unwelcome headlines.

Recently, an email exchange between Brad and Angelina came to light, shedding new light on their post-divorce dynamics. References to the sale of Miraval, a venture linked to alcohol, hint at past controversies, including a widely reported altercation during a flight involving Brad and their children. Furthermore, a resurfaced Instagram story from Brad’s adoptive son Pax paints a troubling picture of familial discord, with Pax expressing his anguish over past grievances.

Despite the shadows cast by his past, Brad Pitt has found solace and love in his relationship with Ines de Ramon. Their partnership symbolizes a new chapter for Brad, one defined by joy and fulfillment. As he navigates the complexities of love and family, Brad seems poised to embrace the future with newfound optimism and resilience.