Cheetah sees photographer napping under a tree, decides to join him and cuddle

Dolph C. Volker, a man who photographs wildlife, has been trying to fight for animal rights all his life, raising awareness of endangered animal species.

The Cheetah Experience, South Africa, often received help from this man who often helped them in his spare time. Dolph is also a zoologist.

The Cheetah Whisperer

While traveling as a volunteer on one occasion he felt very tired so he rested a bit by sleeping under a tree.

He was soon joined by Eden, a cheetah who quickly befriended Dolph when he realized that he posed no danger to him.

The Cheetah Whisperer

This man did not hide his surprise when he woke up, but he behaved the same as a cheetah, very friendly.

This is how a wonderful friendship began.

The cheetah treats his new friend the same as the other cheetahs. He became his very good friend who loves to cuddle.

The Cheetah Whisperer

Soon this man was given a new name, The Cheetah Whisperer. The reason is that he spends a lot of time hanging out with cheetahs.

People are amazed by this amazing friendship and their companionship.