Cop lies on street to comfort his fallen horse in its final moments

A heartbreaking sight of a policeman showing his horse how much he loves and respects her.

This Houston police officer was lying on the road next to his horse, who was reliving his last moments.

Animal Justice Leagure is a page that posted this duo on their Facebook page. Nearly 30,000 people said they liked the picture.

On it is officer D. Herrejon of Houston, who comforts his friend the horse moments before her death.

His friend the horse was six years old police horse, her name was Charlotte and those were her last breaths. The officer got off her to make sure everything was okay and then lay down next to her.

Below the photo they wrote that this horse had been very scared the day before and that after hitting the rider she ran to the middle of the street where she was hit by a truck.

That picture shows a police officer comforting her before her last sighs.

Everyone admires this man because they know how hard it is to be with your favorite animal before its death, and in the end you lose it forever. That is very difficult.

Although he was very unhappy about the death of his horse, the policeman remained unharmed.

A Houston police spokesman, Keese Smith, said these officers must undergo all kinds of training and it is normal for them to connect with their horses. Yet they are with them every day.