Couple adopted orphaned bear 23 years ago, and they still live together

Many of us would not even imagine being near a large animal like a bear, and some people practice it.

However, Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko are different from most people. They spend their days with a really obedient and well-trained bear from Moscow. His name is Stepan.

After an unfortunate bear was found 23 years ago, this couple decided to welcome it into their family.

Today, this family still enjoys spending time with this magnificent animal.

This couple taught the bear to do some minor chores around the house.

As Svetlana says, Stepan is really gentle and attentive. He never harmed anyone, although mostly people have a wrong opinion about him.

This bear likes to eat sweet food.

In fact, he likes to eat a lot.

But he still has some favorite activities, like football.

As Svetlana said, he is very gentle. He loves to be cuddled.

Stepan’s life has changed a lot since he lives with this couple. When he was found, his condition was very bad.

Now he loves people and is very sociable.

Stepan, it seems, is really an amazing animal.