Daughter’s text to dad

Lilly’s message to her dad was quite the bombshell: she’s getting married soon, and it’s time for him to open his checkbook! It’s a modern love story that spans continents, Lilly in Australia, her soon-to-be husband in the US.

They met online, like so many couples do nowadays, progressing from a dating site to Facebook friends, and then long conversations on WhatsApp.

The proposal? Well, that happened over Skype, and for the past two months, they’ve been nurturing their relationship through Viber. Now, Lilly is reaching out to her dad for his blessing, good wishes, and of course, a grand wedding.

Dad’s response? Classic. He’s clearly amused by the whirlwind romance and suggests they take their nuptials to the digital realm: Twitter for the ceremony, Tango for some post-wedding fun, Amazon for the registry, and PayPal for all the financial logistics. And if things don’t work out? Well, there’s always eBay.