Desperate Dog Was Eating Twigs And Rocks To Survive, This Is Him Now

We’ve witnessed the harsh struggles that most stray dogs face in their battle for survival. Days without proper food are the norm, and whatever morsels they scavenge are rarely sufficient to stave off their hunger.

Such prolonged malnutrition takes a toll, driving these dogs to the brink of desperation, compelling them to ingest anything that might offer a glimmer of sustenance.

In this remarkable tale, we delve into the life of a dog, whose desperate existence revolved around nibbling on twigs and rocks before the tides of fate finally changed.

YouTube/Zoo Land

When the Southern Animal Organization received a distress call about a severely malnourished dog surviving on the unforgiving streets of New Orleans, they sprang into action without hesitation. The condition they found the Weimaraner mix in was nothing short of shocking. This emaciated dog, now known as Alex, was teetering on the edge of death, struggling to move.

With swift determination, the organization transported him to Vermilion Parish’s Rabies Animal Control in New Orleans, where he would receive the care his dire situation demanded. During his stay there, an X-ray unveiled a heartbreaking revelation: Alex had been foraging for rocks and twigs to eke out an existence on the streets.

Thankfully, Alex’s days of desperation were at an end. He found himself in caring hands, poised to receive the assistance needed for a full recovery.

YouTube/Zoo Land

Alex’s journey to recuperation spanned several weeks, and throughout this period, he found a steadfast companion in a woman named Diane Lundeen. Initially, she had taken him into her foster care, intending it to be a temporary solution. However, as days turned into weeks, a deep bond flourished between them. Diane recognized that she couldn’t part with Alex, and she made the heartfelt decision to adopt him herself.

Under her care, Alex experienced a remarkable transformation. His weight increased significantly, and his demeanor underwent a rapid shift. The once despondent street dog blossomed into a joyful and playful companion within a matter of weeks.

The most beautiful part of this story is that Alex now revels in the company of his new canine siblings, proving to them just how amazing he is.

Southern Animal Foundation

It’s heartwarming to witness a narrative where a starving dog receives the lifeline he so desperately needed. Alex’s story is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of compassion.

Ultimately, he has found his way into a loving family, where every moment is a celebration of his newfound joy and well-being.