Despite the danger: Woman with dwarfism poses proudly with her baby bump on the beach

Inquiries about starting a family are common for most married couples, yet Charli Worgan and her husband Cullen faced an additional layer of questioning, the persistent “why” due to their unique circumstances.

Both residing in Sydney, they share different forms of dwarfism, drawing considerable public attention, especially when Charli was expecting their first child.

Following the birth of their initial bundle of joy, Charli decided to initiate a social media account to provide insights into their family life.

Little did she anticipate the overwhelming success that awaited her; their family, now consisting of two adorable daughters, boasts over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

The latest chapter in their family journey unfolded when Charli disclosed her 14-week pregnancy with their third child, accompanied by a bittersweet revelation.

Each pregnancy mandated rigorous genetic testing due to Charli and Cullen’s genetic conditions, presenting a complex web of potential outcomes for their offspring, ranging from inheriting one form of dwarfism, being of average height, to the perilous scenario of inheriting both types.

Charli shared the emotional toll, expressing disappointment at not celebrating the 12-week pregnancy milestone like most mothers.

Instead, she found herself undergoing Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS), a procedure carrying a 2% risk of miscarriage, to assess the genetic makeup of her baby.

Their two daughters, Tully and Tilba, aged two and four respectively, have distinct forms of dwarfism.

Hence, when Charli conceived for the third time, the family awaited clarification on which of the four possibilities their new addition would fall under.

In an Instagram post, Charli elucidated the potential outcomes: an average-height baby, one with her form of dwarfism (Achondroplasia), one with Cullen’s form (Geleophysic Dysplasia), or the gravest scenario, “double dominant dwarfism”, deemed fatal upon birth.

She acknowledged the challenging decision she would face if confronted with the latter, emphasizing the complexity of bringing a child into the world under such circumstances.

Despite facing criticism for sharing their story so publicly, Charli defended her choice, offering a glimpse into the intricate decision-making process surrounding their family planning.

She emphasized that the journey of welcoming a child into the world with their odds is anything but straightforward, promoting understanding and kindness.

Today, the family, which now includes their third child, Rip, born in late February, continues to share their experiences openly.

Charli’s Instagram posts depict the ups and downs of parenthood, illustrating that, fundamentally, their journey aligns with that of any other family.

With heartfelt gratitude, Charli expressed fatigue but an overwhelming sense of luck, concluding with a universal truth, there’s no “correct” way to do motherhood, and certainly, no “wrong” way either.

In admiration of Charli and her family’s resilience, one can’t help but wish them continued strength and happiness on their extraordinary journey together.

Let this story serve as an inspiration for understanding and compassion.