Diver comes face-to-face with giant 23ft long anaconda in Brazilian river

As scary as this may seem to us, it was a dream for them.

Divers Bartolomeo Bove and Juca Ygarape filmed their incredible encounter with a green anaconda. It is the largest snake in the world.


Bartolomeo enjoys meeting incredible creatures. In addition to diving, he is also involved in filming the underwater world. It is much easier to see sharks underwater than a green anaconda. However, in the Formoso River in Brazil it is still possible, because the water is completely clear.


Given that fact, Bartolomeo and Juca decided to dive into that lake, and it paid off.


Many people find these scenes terrifying, but divers say there’s no need for it.

As Bartolomeo says, anacondas are actually very calm, even though everyone think otherwise.

This is that incredible moment:

This creature must be respected, because it is still a very large and strong predator.


This is the largest species of snake in the world and they can react if they feel threatened.