Do you notice anything strange about this little girl? Thousands of people DIDN’T realize it! The truth about the baby in the photograph

In the digital realm, Cristina Jobs, a 35-year-old artist hailing from Catalonia, has emerged as a sensation, captivating audiences with her mesmerizing creations – hyperrealistic sculptures portraying newborn infants.

Crafted meticulously from a unique silicone blend and meticulously hand-painted, each sculpture captures the myriad emotions inherent in infancy, from tears and pouts to laughter and wide-eyed wonder.

What sets Jobs’ work apart is not only its striking realism but also its intriguingly surreal quality. Alongside her lifelike depictions of newborns, she delves into the realm of fantasy, concocting whimsical sculptures that blend human and animal features in a mesmerizing fusion.

With nearly 200,000 avid followers on Instagram, Jobs has garnered a devoted following drawn to the arresting beauty and uncanny allure of her artistry. The response to her creations has been overwhelmingly positive, testament to her skill in evoking both fascination and awe.