Dog walks 125 miles with “tears in her eyes” to get back to owner, who rejected her

In the realm of loyalty, dogs stand unrivaled, known for their unwavering faithfulness. This remarkable tale is a testament to canine devotion, as a loyal dog embarked on a heart-wrenching journey of 125 miles, determined to return to the owner who had once rejected her.

Meet Maru, a Bullmastiff whose loyalty knew no bounds. Despite being cast aside by her owner, she embarked on a remarkable odyssey to reunite with the human she held dear.

Maru’s extraordinary journey took her through the vast Russian wilderness, where brown bears and wolves roamed freely. With tears in her eyes and paws that bore the brunt of her arduous trek, she pressed onward.

The story of Maru’s odyssey began when her owner in Krasnoyarsk discovered that she was allergic to their beloved one-year-old pet. Regrettably, a decision was made to part ways with Maru.

However, Maru had other plans. When the train carrying her away from the place she had known as home made a stop at a remote station near Achinsk, she seized an opportunity. With remarkable dexterity, she used her paws to open the train compartment and embarked on a journey back to the owner who had once turned her away.

Despite the train staff’s efforts to locate the determined dog and even calling out her name on the platform, Maru remained elusive. Kennel owner Alla Morozova, based in Novosibirsk, launched a frantic search for the lost Bullmastiff, imploring the help of social media in her quest.

After two and a half harrowing days, Maru was discovered in an industrial area not far from her original home. The loyal dog, despite the odds stacked against her, had traversed 125 miles through untamed terrain. Her eyes seemed to bear the weight of her journey.

Exhausted and injured, Maru had walked perilously close to the Trans-Siberian railway track, miraculously escaping the clutches of bears and wolves in the area.

Alla Morozova marveled at Maru’s determination and navigation skills, firmly believing that the dog was resolutely on a mission to return to her old home, guided by her profound attachment to her human companions.

Yet, it was disheartening to note that the owner who had initially rejected Maru did not actively participate in the search for the lost pet.

Currently, Maru is receiving medical treatment in Novosibirsk to tend to her injuries. She has been joyfully reunited with her mother and father, residing in Novosibirsk. The question of Maru’s future remains open, but her indomitable spirit and incredible journey serve as a poignant reminder of the deep bond between humans and their loyal canine companions.