Donna Mills Became a Mom at 54 & Found New Love at 60 – At 82 She’s Still an Iconic Blonde & Looks Radiant

Donna Mills, the illustrious American actress, stepped onto the stages of both film and television during the 1960s, commanding screens with her presence for decades. Recently, on April 30, 2023, she graced her Instagram followers with a captivating snapshot featuring two other esteemed actors.

In the company of the renowned Linda Gray and Joan Collins, Mills exuded elegance, emanating excitement and setting remarkable fashion standards. The trio of 80s leading ladies mesmerized fans with their timeless radiance and undeniable charisma.

Interestingly, Mills has previously shared glimpses of her stunning self with her followers, evident in a plethora of similar images scattered across her social media profiles. These snapshots affirm that the alum of “False Arrest” retains her grace and penchant for dressing up, despite the passage of time.

Mills, despite facing criticism, embraced the decision to embark on the journey of motherhood, deeming it the perfect moment to do so.

Throughout her career, Mills has carved out a formidable presence and earned a sterling reputation within the entertainment realm. Beyond captivating audiences with her striking beauty and remarkable acting prowess, she embraced motherhood in her 50s and found love in her 60s.

In a recent Instagram post, Mills stole the spotlight in a resplendent pink ensemble, while Collins and Gray dazzled in their own right, donning a stunning black dress and shimmering silver and gray outfit, respectively. The trio reunited for a magazine shoot, as clarified by Mills’ caption:

“Working alongside these extraordinary women was an absolute delight. Many thanks to Hello Magazine @hellomag for featuring us in your latest edition.”

The sight of these three iconic divas in a single frame delighted fans, evoking nostalgia for beloved television classics like “Knots Landing”, “Dallas”, and “Dynasty”. Viewers reminisced about their early TV experiences, dubbing the trio as “icons”, “soap queens”, and “legends”, marveling at how they seemed to defy the passage of time.

During a June 2022 appearance on the “Tamron Hall Show”, Mills opened up about taking an 18-year hiatus to focus on motherhood. Her ageless allure garnered admiration from online users, with many expressing disbelief upon learning that Mills was eighty-one years old at the time.

Some marveled at her timeless beauty, while others pondered the secret behind her youthful appearance. Despite her hiatus from acting after her tenure on “Knots Landing” until 1989, Mills consciously prioritized her role as a mother to her daughter, Chloe Mills, foregoing a thriving career in the 1980s for the joys of motherhood in the 1990s.

Now making a triumphant return to Hollywood with roles in both television and film, Mills remains committed to inspiring people, particularly women, to pursue their passions at any age, from their forties to their eighties.

In an exclusive interview in May 2022, the devoted mother and vibrant eighty-year-old shared insights into her fitness regimen, attributing her graceful aging to accepting her natural features, eschewing cosmetic procedures, and maintaining a mindful diet and exercise routine.

Mills revealed her dedication to weight training, stretching exercises, and dance techniques, all while emphasizing her preference for health-conscious eating habits. Despite her aversion to cooking, she takes pleasure in cultivating fruits and vegetables in her kitchen garden.

Not one to succumb to societal pressures, Mills proudly embraces her wrinkles, eschewing cosmetic surgeries and sun exposure to preserve her skin’s natural beauty. She even prefers doing her own makeup, finding solace and comfort in the ritual, a sentiment she shared in an exclusive video from June 2014.

The journey of motherhood began for Mills at the age of 54 when she welcomed her daughter into her life, defying societal expectations and embracing the joys of parenthood wholeheartedly. Despite the initial skepticism, Mills remained steadfast in her decision, cherishing the bond she shares with her daughter, Chloe, who remains an integral part of her life.

Mills’ enduring relationship with Larry Gilman, a fellow actor and producer, has been a source of joy and companionship since 2001. Despite their ten-year age difference, the couple’s love continues to flourish, evident in their shared passion for their vineyard, a testament to the enduring nature of their romance.

In the serene surroundings of their vineyard, Mills and Gilman find solace and happiness, cherishing each moment together as they plan to bottle their own wine from the bountiful harvest of Californian grapes, a symbol of their enduring love and shared dreams for the future.