Drone footage shows orcas surrounding swimmer off coast of New Zealand

Judie Johnson is a woman who has experienced a truly amazing rare moment. While swimming in New Zealand, three killer whales formed around her. Of course the swimmer was worried. All these amazing moments were recorded by drone of Dylan Brayshaw, an Australian tourist.

Dylan Brayshaw

This swimmer from Hahei could not even imagine what awaits her while swimming near the Coromandel coast.

She expected it to be a perfectly normal day. She came to practice swimming, but what she experienced is truly amazing. In the middle of swimming, she was surrounded by three orcas.

Although she thought they were dolphins, that was not the case. When she, too, realized who was really beside her, she returned to shore.

Johnson told 1News, that she knew from the patterns on her back that they were orcas. At first, she was quite excited thinking that she was swimming with dolphins, but then fear appeared.

Dylan Brayshaw

She spent some time on the shore, and then went swimming again. Knowing that there would still be orcas there, she wanted to swim. As soon as she entered the water, the company reappeared. Then Judie decided to make the most of that moment and enjoy swimming with them.

She said she had never experienced anything like it. It was a special experience for her. And the orcas obviously also enjoyed the company of this swimmer.

Dylan Brayshaw

Dylan Brayshaw owned a drone in those moments and captured these amazing moments. This whole situation thrilled him too.

He witnessed the moment when the swimmer came out of the water, which was expected. Still, when she returned to the water, Dylan was surprised. Then he decided to capture those amazing moments. As he says, it was really amazing.

Here you can see all fascinating scenes: