Elephant cries when he is freed after spending 50 miserable years in spiked chains

In a heartbreaking tale spanning five decades, an elephant named Raju endured the cruelty of captivity, bound by spiked chains that shackled his weary feet. Subjected to relentless beatings and abuse, Raju’s existence revolved around meager handouts from tourists, occasionally supplemented by consuming plastic and paper refuse to stave off hunger.

A glimmer of hope emerged for Raju when Wildlife SOS orchestrated a daring midnight rescue operation, aiming to liberate the beleaguered elephant. The rescue team, unwavering in their commitment, confronted Raju’s owner, refusing to yield. In a poignant moment, as the team stood resolute, Raju, as if sensing an imminent change, shed tears that spoke of his anticipation for freedom.

Pooja Binepal, the spokesperson for the charity in the U.K., recounted the emotional scene during the rescue, expressing astonishment at witnessing tears streaming down Raju’s face. She remarked: “It was so incredibly emotional for all of us. We knew in our hearts he realized he was being freed”.

Witness the transformative moment when Raju experienced the touch of freedom for the first time in his life in this powerful video!

For a comprehensive understanding of Raju’s heart-wrenching journey, watch the video that narrates his complete story.

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