Elton John’s riveting testimony about Michael Jackson – A stunning revelation!

In a recent revelation, Elton John, a longtime companion of the late Michael Jackson, contends that the immense fame experienced by the pop icon led to his physical and mental decline, ultimately resulting in a “mental illness”.

Elton, now 72, reflects on his friendship with Jackson during the early stages of the latter’s career when the King of Pop was a charming 13-year-old. Describing him as the “most charming youngster you could imagine,” Elton acknowledges witnessing a profound transformation in Michael as his fame skyrocketed.

Drawing parallels with Elvis Presley, Elton notes a gradual withdrawal from reality by Michael in the subsequent years. The legendary singer admits to assuming that Jackson had descended into madness every time he encountered him as an adult, speculating about the undisclosed thoughts plaguing the pop sensation’s mind and the excessive medication he relied on.

The revelations continue as Elton John unveils a disturbing incident at one of his parties where Michael, supposedly severely mentally ill at the time, was found playing with the housekeeper’s son after getting lost. Elton expresses that Jackson seemed averse to being around adults for unspecified reasons.

Further delving into his memoir, Elton shares insights into his challenging upbringing, discussing his relationship with his late mother, Sheila Farebrother. He discloses that Sheila, who never approved of his husband David Furnish, has two grandsons, Zachary and Elijah, whom she has never met.

Despite their access not being denied, Elton expresses relief that his sons were spared from the reprimands Sheila had once subjected him to.

In a candid exploration of his personal history, Elton John’s memoir offers readers a unique perspective on the complexities of fame, relationships, and the toll they can take on mental well-being.