Family help orphaned baby otter that wanders into their garage

A heartwarming tale unfolded when an unexpected visitor sought refuge at a Florida family’s doorstep, an orphaned otter cub.

The little river otter made her appearance at the residence of Tamera-Kay Greenwell, while she and her husband were in their garage. The tiny otter, crying plaintively, ventured in through the open door, clearly in need of assistance.

The compassionate couple decided that returning the otter to the nearby creek would be the best course of action. They hoped that the mother otter would hear her cries and return to care for her offspring. However, the next morning, they were greeted by the same baby otter in their garage once again.

Clay Humane, Inc.

Greenwell reflected on the otter’s return, saying: “I am guessing she came to the home she knew would keep her safe, to find protection. She was so scared, sweet, and lovable”.

Realizing that the otter needed professional help, the family contacted animal services, who swiftly arranged for the cub to be transported to Clay Humane, Inc. Expert evaluation placed the otter’s age at approximately 4 to 6 weeks, and she was given the endearing name of Daisy.

The veterinarians at Clay Humane, Inc. affirmed that Daisy’s rescue had come just in the nick of time. Otter cubs of her age require continuous nursing to ensure their survival.

Clay Humane, Inc.

Dr. Kali Gennette emphasized Daisy’s good fortune, stating: “She was very, very lucky. If she wouldn’t have been found, there’s a chance that she wouldn’t have made it. When you have babies this little, they have low blood sugar and other issues, so she’s extremely lucky she got found when she did”.

Daisy is currently under the care of the Wildlife Rescue Coalition, where she is being nurtured with a specialized mixed milk formula. At the facility, she has the company of two other orphaned otters, Lily and Joey, as she adapts to her new surroundings.

With her safety assured, Daisy will remain in the care of the wildlife rehabilitation center until she reaches the point of readiness for release back into the wild. This heartwarming rescue story showcases the power of compassion and dedication in preserving the lives of our fellow creatures.