Fans were left deeply stunned by the heart-wrenching news concerning Jay Leno

In the latter half of 2022, the renowned former host of The Tonight Show found himself embroiled in a string of unfortunate events, confronting the aftermath of not one, but two significant incidents that inflicted a multitude of hardships upon him.

The initial misfortune transpired the preceding year when the 73-year-old entertainer encountered a harrowing car fire while meticulously restoring one of his beloved vintage vehicles in his Los Angeles workshop.

Little did he anticipate that this pivotal moment would etch itself into his memory indefinitely. As a consequence of this ill-fated occurrence, he endured severe burns spanning second and third-degree degrees, leading to a nine-day hospitalization at the esteemed Grossman Burn Center in West Hills.

Yet, destiny appeared intent on further testing the mettle of this resilient personality. Leno found himself grappling with two fractured ribs and a damaged collarbone following a motorcycle mishap.

Nevertheless, the comedian’s unwavering spirit remained steadfast as he continued to helm the captivating programs Jay Leno’s Garage and You Bet Your Life on the NBC network.

During an exclusive conversation at the premiere event of Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge, Leno opened up about his future plans, or rather, the lack thereof, regarding retirement, as well as the factors influencing his decision to step back from the limelight.

Dedicated to his career in late-night entertainment, the seasoned host reiterated his determination to persist in his endeavors, brushing aside any contemplation of retirement until unforeseen circumstances, such as a health setback like a stroke, forced him to reconsider. With candor, he remarked: “Until then, I’ll keep going”.

Leno firmly committed to pursuing his chosen path until health issues dictated otherwise, stating: “That’s when you know it’s time to retire, when health takes a hit”.

Leno’s extraordinary resilience shone brightly as he bounced back admirably from past challenges. After a prolonged hospital stay, involving skin grafts and hyperbaric chamber treatments, he wasted no time returning to his passions, even gracing the stage of the Comedy Magic Club in Hermosa Beach to a warm reception.

Looking back on the car fire a month later, Leno acknowledged the occupational risks involved in working with automobiles. He recounted the terrifying sensation of flames engulfing his face, likening it to the most intense sunburn imaginable.

Despite undergoing two arduous skin grafting procedures without the assistance of pain relief, Leno remained steadfast, considering the absence of painkillers as a poignant reminder of his own misjudgments.

Amidst his struggles, Leno and his dedicated wife, Mavis, found solace in the overwhelming love and support extended by both their family and celebrity acquaintances, highlighting the profound bonds cultivated throughout their remarkable journey.