Feral dog shedding tears and bowing hands in gratitude when passersby feed him after starving for days

When a lady saw a hungry dog ​​near a park in Jinzhong, in Shanxi province, China, she couldn’t pass without feeding it. While she was unpacking the food, this beautiful dog kept staring at her with his bright eyes. It is difficult to describe the happiness he felt at that moment.

After that, the woman posted the video on the Internet, and then decided to find this adorable little creature again.

As soon as this beautiful dog saw her, his mood changed. He became very happy and grateful for everything, and he showed it. He acted like a very grateful man at that moment. When the woman offered him food, he cried. A truly touching scene.

Xiaoxiang said that she and her friends went to look for this dog. When they met and gave him something to eat, his eyes shone with tears. She stated this to the Morning Post.

As she says, she wanted to hug him, but he was a bit timid.

Maybe he was once hurt, so now he has a hard time trusting people. However, the woman tried to find him a few days later, but was unsuccessful.

Everyone who heard about this dog hopes that he will soon have a better life.