Girl takes her dying dog on one last car ride, dog’s face makes family tear up

This adorable little dog lived with the Kramer family since she was little. April, the little daughter of this family, fell in love with this dog very quickly. April was still very young at the time, but she and the dog became friends very quickly.

After a while, the family cat Maxwell and this adorable dog also became very close.

This wonderful dog was with little April throughout her growing up. Unfortunately, everything comes to an end. This is how the health of this dog became very bad.

They went to the vet, but everything was clear. The dog will not be able to live much longer.

There was no other option for the Kramer family but to accept everything as it was. However, in the end, April wanted to do something special for her friend.

Since April knows very well what this dog likes, she decided to let her enjoy it. So, when they went to the vet for the last time, April opened the car window. The entire ride this beautiful dog enjoyed looking at nature and feeling the light wind.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed. Everything ended the way the vets said it would. Nevertheless, this beautiful creature had a truly wonderful last days.

Watch the last ride of this wonderful dog: