Gisele Bündchen is finally dating someone after divorce from Tom Brady, and you might recognize him

Once hailed as the ultimate power duo, supermodel Gisele Bündchen and NFL star Tom Brady recently concluded their journey as a couple, leaving fans in a state of melancholy. Yet, amid the dissolution of their union, both Gisele and Tom appear poised to embark on fresh chapters in their lives. Let’s delve into the individual evolution unfolding in Gisele’s world.

Following a remarkable 13-year marriage and the nurturing of two remarkable offspring, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen chose separate paths in 2022. Their romantic saga commenced in January 2007, culminating in matrimony on February 26, 2009. Together, they parent 14-year-old Benjamin and 11-year-old Vivian, while Tom also embraces fatherhood to 16-year-old Jack, born from a prior relationship.

Speculation abounds regarding Gisele’s burgeoning romance with Joaquim Valente, a jiu-jitsu luminary. Initially comrades, Valente has purportedly transitioned into a romantic prospect, according to insider whispers.

“Gisele and Joaquim’s bond began as friendship, but it has evolved into something more”, divulges a source.

Joaquim Valente emerges as a steadfast presence in Gisele’s life, offering solace amidst the tumult of her separation from Tom Brady. Their alliance, rooted in camaraderie, predates any romantic entanglements.

“He’s been Gisele’s rock as she charts her course through post-divorce life, and it’s been a refreshing change for her”, the insider shares.

Unified by a shared devotion to holistic well-being, Gisele and Valente foster a profound connection. Their mutual ardor for fitness, martial arts pursuits, and joint voyages strengthens their rapport.

“They share countless moments of joy together”, the source discloses.

Initial reports of Gisele’s blossoming romance surfaced via People magazine. In a candid March 2023 discourse, Gisele acknowledges Valente’s instrumental role as a martial arts mentor for herself and her children. While refraining from direct confirmation of romantic ties, she extends gratitude for Valente’s unwavering companionship during a period of upheaval.

Come May of the same year, Gisele and Valente grace the shores of a Miami beach, reveling in each other’s company. Their palpable delight hints at a burgeoning romance.

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