Gorgeous wild cat casually parades down street in Canada

During the walk, a woman from Kamloops saw an amazing scene. In the middle of the day, Allison Burton saw this mighty cat walking calmly down the road. A truly magnificent lynx walked the road as if it were all his.

Shyda ForeverFriends

Despite the fact that a lot of people walked there during that beautiful day, this did not create any obstacles for this cat. Probably everyone paused for a moment who noticed her.

Shyda ForeverFriends

Burton said he didn’t care at all who was around him. There were people with bikes, too, but he enjoyed being with himself no matter who.

Burton, like everyone else, was unaware of this incredible moment. Still she managed to pick up her cell phone and make a note of these interesting scenes.

Shyda ForeverFriends

She told The Dodo that she was really surprised because she had never seen this wonderful creature before, especially not so close.

But a lynx appears to have been caught walking the streets of Kamloops several times already, reports say.