Grandala, the stunning royal blue bird who’s a great team player

Grandalas are a species of bird that go in a flock, and when they notice a bird being alone, everyone goes to it and invites it into the flock.

Aditya Chavan

They can be seen in some areas of China and in the mountains and alpine forests from India all the way to Tibet.

Aditya Chavan

One of their main characteristics is that they always stick together, so it was very difficult for the people who researched them because they never separate.

They are also one part of the thrush family, but are special in that they are incredibly beautiful with their fascinating blue hair.

They feed mainly on insects, so their diet includes mostly caterpillars, insects and the like.

Another difference between them and others in the thrush family is in the way they hunt. Grandalas mostly look for and hunt prey in trees.

Females differ from males in many ways, first and foremost is color. They have some shades between gray and brown, while the males are enchantingly blue.

Their habitat is the Himalayas, from low to medium altitudes, depending on their preferences.

From the fifth to the seventh month of the year is the time in which they reproduce and the nest is placed on some elevated part of the rock or on the very edge.

For now, these birds are not on the endangered list.