Hawk just can’t understand why this “duck” isn’t afraid of him

Probably the hawk himself did not think that his role as a too-good predator could be called into question.

But then this happened.

It was an ordinary day, the hawk was hungry and was looking for some good meal, and then he spotted it.

A duck was lying on the grass, unaware of what was behind it and what it looked like.

But the hawk also missed something, and that is that this duck is actually a hoax that he can’t scare at all.

A little out of his mind, the hawk tried to harm the duck and win her over, but to no avail.

A few times the hawk even calmed down and looked around to make sure it was a reality.

It was not at all clear to him why that duck was not falling at all, it was simply too strong in his mind.

After a few more attempts, the hawk decided to give up and left remaining hungry.