He is like a son to her! Cher appeared in public with a young love partner and confused fans

It’s widely known that the iconic Cher never fails to captivate the world, and this time around, she’s taken her audacity to a whole new level.

With unabashed disregard for societal norms surrounding age, Cher has embarked on a romantic journey with a younger companion. The 77-year-old sensation has reportedly found love in the arms of 37-year-old singer Alexander Edwards.

The revelation sparked a flurry of discussions across the online realm, with skeptics predicting the demise of this unconventional relationship.

However, the dynamic duo displayed an unbothered demeanor, stepping out together on the red carpet and embracing the attention.

Cher graced the occasion in a stylish dark blue jumpsuit paired with a matching jacket, her makeup flawlessly enhancing her overall look.

In stark contrast, her paramour opted for an all-black ensemble. The couple stole the spotlight, with onlookers noting the evident tenderness in their gazes and embraces.

Despite the glaring age gap, devoted fans couldn’t help but express their delight at the couple’s compatibility. However, as is often the case, detractors were quick to criticize.

In a candid interview, Cher addressed the naysayers, proclaiming their happiness as a couple. They even shared plans for an upcoming trip, solidifying the impression that their bond is both strong and genuine.

While some may raise eyebrows, it’s clear that this unique pair is impervious to judgment. As they navigate their unconventional love story, it appears that jealousy is an unnecessary emotion.

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