Heartwarming moment two former circus lions step on grass for the first time

It is sad to see any animal trapped in a cage, especially when it comes to a lion. These magnificent animals are forced to entertain circus audiences around the world. Fortunately, these two lions were saved from such a life. They were given the opportunity to live freely. Their first contact with grass is very emotional, you will see for yourself.

Tanya and Tarzan have lived a sad life for years acting in a circus in Guatemala. Their home was small cages, which is very sad. It all lasted for eight years, and then Animal Defenders International (ADI) heard about these animals and decided to do something about it. ADI cares about the welfare of animals in the world.

No matter how brave and big these lions look, they also have their moments of weakness. One of them was when Jan and Tim came to their rescue. The two are president and vice president at ADI. These two wonderful creatures had a very difficult life, which they did not deserve.

The worst years are behind them. Tarzana and Tanya were first brought to a rehabilitation center and then given their new place to live in a refuge in South Africa. It was the place where these magnificent lions first felt the grass, and it was a truly emotional sight.

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